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The most advanced wireless power network.

FarField uses advanced radio technology to wirelessly power multiple devices. With breakthrough antenna structures, converter designs, and system architectures, FarField delivers more power at greater distances with record efficiency than any wireless power protocol out there.

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At the heart of every FarField wireless power network is Origin. Equipped with an array of individually controlled antennas, Origin can create pockets of energy around FarField-enabled devices, minimizing wasted energy in empty space.


Devices receiving power in a FarField network are Points. Using novel metamaterial antenna structures, Points are able to harvest energy in a large area around itself, despite having a small footprint and razor-thin profile.


Targeted power delivery.

The core technology behind FarField's seamless and automatic experience is Map, a state-of-the-art algorithm suite designed to maximize power delivery in any space.

Map locates FarField-enabled devices and calculates the best path to deliver power in real time. Machine learning algorithms adapt to the space and find optimized power delivery paths with dramatically increased speed.


With Map's ability to create pockets of energy only around Points and nowhere else, Farfield power networks operate under the safety limits of every regulatory body, including FCC and ICNRP.

Zero interference

With pure-tone transmission and spectrum sensing built in, FarField networks are naturally non-interfering with WiFi and Bluetooth. FarField intelligently detects and transmits on vacant channels while avoiding occupied ones.

Zero-maintenance Wireless Sensor Solutions

Eliminate battery costs and expand your wireless sensor network capabilities with Reach.

Battery Life

Standard sensor
6 months
FarField-enabled sensor

Sampling Rate

Standard sensor
16 Hz
FarField-enabled sensor
128 Hz

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